About Us


Our Mission

To be your first choice for caring, comprehensive and well-coordinated behavioral health care services.

Butler Behavioral Health is licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health, the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services and CARF accredited.  All treatment staff are fully licensed by the State of Ohio.


Our Values

We value the uniqueness of every client. All clients are served in a manner that recognizes their individual differences and makes use of their individual strengths and resources. A personalized plan of services is developed with each client in order to tailor the treatment to fit these unique characteristics.

We value a holistic understanding of every client. Services will be based on a thorough appraisal of the client as a whole person. Therapy will be sensitive to the person's family dynamics, as well as to their environmental and cultural context.

We value services to young people, which strengthen their family relationships. We will strive whenever possible to serve young people in a manner which strengthens family resources and their ability to provide support and guidance to the child. We believe that parents (or surrogate parents) are important partners in the treatment process.

We value focused services. Personalized service plans will have focused objectives designed to assist clients to make at least "small steps" toward changing their lives. Clients will be engaged in a respectful process of selecting areas of their lives which they can realistically change in a reasonable period of time. We believe that realistic hope is an essential ingredient of successful treatment.