Blog Entries - Mar. 2021

Butler Behavioral Health awarded a grant from bi3

March 10, 2021  |  #bi3

Butler Behavioral Health was recently awarded a grant from bi3 (Bethesda Ideas Investments Innovation.) The grant has given us the opportunity to improve access to services to the clients we serve. Our Harbor House Social Club was greatly impacted by the pandemic. The club was closed for nearly 5 months due to the virus and left many members disconnected from their providers, loved ones and friends. Thanks to the generous grant from bi3 we can now connect to members at home to help lessen the isolation and depression that has increased for some during the pandemic. We have purchased all new computers for the club’s computer lab which will allow members to connect with their providers, loved ones, help employment opportunities and for educational and recreational purposes while visiting the clubhouse. The grant has allowed the club to expand their activities online to reach members at home with the purchase of cameras, microphones and a projector.  The club can now broadcast via Zoom or Facebook to reach members at home to participate in social activities. We also purchased laptops and iPads which has given the opportunity for members to checkout from the club for use at home. Members now have opportunities to join e-Bingo or e-Trivia from home to play against their friends at the club house. Or to connect to their doctors, therapists and loved ones via tele conferencing. Bi3 grant has made a positive impact on Harbor House Social Club and its members. On behalf of the members and staff of HHSC we want to say thank you to bi3. Your generosity

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