Blog Entries - 'Mindfulness'

Harbor House Social Club Art Show

October 17, 2019  |  Art Show, Mindfulness, Stigma Free

Tuesday October 15th was a big day for members of Harbor House Social Club. In collaboration with Miami University Nursing Program members had an Art Show at University Hall in Hamilton. Over the last few weeks. Members have been working on their Art Pieces with the MU Nursing Students. Some of the themes of the art pieces include “Meditation,” “Welcome to Fall,” “Mindfulness” and “Stigma Free from Mental Illness.” The mediums of the pieces range from canvas art, mask painting and leaf painting. We asked one member what their favorite medium to work on “I liked the Canvas Art, the colors make me happy and help me relax.” Be on the lookout for some art pieces from this show. They will be traveling throughout all are offices in the next several weeks. Butler Behavioral Health’s Social Club offers adults living with a mental illness a safe and supportive environment to build friendships. Club membership is free for all adults living with mental illness and addiction. Members may

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